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Butterfly-bush-varieties, butterfly bush varieties for warmer regions some butterfly bushes grow well in u.s. department of agriculture plant hardiness zones 7 through 10. in these zones, the different butterfly bushes are evergreen and retain their leaves all winter long. consider ‘lochinich’ for its lovely silver-backed leaves and pale lavender flowers.. Butterfly bush shrub (buddleia davidii) is known for many things. for starters, it's easy to grow and produces striking flower spikes. and thanks to the magic of cultivar developers, the flowers now come in a number of colors, including pink and blue. in fact, there's even a multi-colored type, buddleia x weyeriana 'bicolor.', get free shipping on qualified butterfly bush shrubs & bushes or buy online pick up in store today in the outdoors department..

Butterfly bush in ornamental gardening: uses and benefits. though some varieties can grow up to 12 feet in height, there are plenty of dwarf butterfly bush varieties that stay within 3-4 feet, producing equally attractive, and fragrant flowers. most of these are also sterile, solving the weed problem to some extent., butterfly bush is a large, arching shrub that produces masses of flowers in midsummer to fall. flower colors include blue, pink, red, violet, yellow, and white, and the shrub grows 5 to 10 feet tall and wide, depending on the variety. butterfly bushes grow well in shrub or perennial borders, and the fragrant flowers can be used for cutting..

A dwarf butterfly bush grows up to 6 feet tall. standard butterfly bush cultivars grow 6 to 10 feet tall and 4 to 10 feet wide, but dwarf varieties are usually half the size or smaller. "buzz violet blue" grows 3 feet tall and wide when grown in the ground, but in containers its final dimensions are 2 feet tall and wide., the proven winners ® ultimate guide to butterfly bush it’s hard to beat butterfly bush for sheer flower power – these sun-loving plants are some of the longest blooming shrubs you can find. they come in an array of rich, summer-ready colors, bloom continuously through fall, and of course, attract butterflies and hummingbirds by the score..

Fountain butterfly bush (buddleia alternifolia) has graceful, drooping branches that are covered in the spring with sprays of lilac flowers that give the whole plant a water fall effect. chinese weeping butterfly bush is perhaps the most beautiful of all butterfly bushes., the butterfly bush plants offered are of the genus buddleia davidii. butterfly bushes can reach 5 to 15 feet tall, depending on the cultivar. the butterfly bush is medium to large sized shrub that can be used in a perennial bed or as a hedge. they usually bloom from mid-july through frost..

The butterfly bush (buddleia davidii) is a beautiful, fast-growing, deciduous shrub with masses of blossoms—long, spiked trusses—that bloom from summer to autumn. its flowers come in many colors, though butterflies seem to prefer the lavender-pink (mauve) of the species to the white and dark purple cultivars.