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Butterfly-bush-zone-4, butterfly bush is evergreen in warm climates and tends to be deciduous in cooler climates. however, zone 4 is downright cold, so you can expect that your butterfly bush will freeze to the ground when temperatures plummet. that being said, this hardy bush will return to beautify your garden in spring.. The proven winners ® ultimate guide to butterfly bush it’s hard to beat butterfly bush for sheer flower power – these sun-loving plants are some of the longest blooming shrubs you can find. they come in an array of rich, summer-ready colors, bloom continuously through fall, and of course, attract butterflies and hummingbirds by the score., hardiness zones for a butterfly bush. butterfly bush is a common name that refers to several plants, though the most familiar are plants belonging to the buddleia genus. these chinese natives are ....

Butterfly bush in ornamental gardening: uses and benefits. though some varieties can grow up to 12 feet in height, there are plenty of dwarf butterfly bush varieties that stay within 3-4 feet, producing equally attractive, and fragrant flowers. most of these are also sterile, solving the weed problem to some extent., in zone 4a, buddleia is treated much like a perennial, the shrub dies back to the ground each winter and sprouts new growth in the spring. this is okay since buddleia blooms on new wood. i would suggest that you mulch well after the ground freezes, not before. you may need to try the plant in a few spots before you are successful..

Please choose a rating. new national plant network 2.5 qt. buddleia 3-in-1 flowering shrub with red, white and purple flowers., the butterfly bush (buddleia davidii) is a beautiful, fast-growing, deciduous shrub with masses of blossoms—long, spiked trusses—that bloom from summer to autumn. its flowers come in many colors, though butterflies seem to prefer the lavender-pink (mauve) of the species to the white and dark purple cultivars.