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Powder-blue-blueberry-bush, powder blue blueberry, vaccinium ashei 'powder blue', is a deciduous shrub that produces delicious, healthy fruit. plant several for an eye-catching hedge along your home, or even just one to partake of its amazing fruit. your powder blue blueberry will produce delicate white flowers in late spring/early summer.. Product overview enjoy some of the sweetest blueberries you've ever grown with the powder blue blueberry bush. with their delicious edible fruit to go along with their hardiness all across the mid and southern u.s., there's not a better option for growing succulent berries in your own backyard., product description this powder blue blueberry bush beauty makes delicious late season berries and it’s attractive foliage makes it a good choice as a shrub border or hedge. blueberries are your go-to super food due to their high levels of antioxidants. the healing powers of blueberries are widely known..

The powderblue blueberry gets its name from the powder blue blush that the berries gain upon ripening. it is actually one of the toughest blueberry plants with a late ripening season. the powderblue blueberry bush has an upright growing habit that can reach a height and width of 8-12 feet. blooms form in late spring with a harvest in late summer., the powder blue blueberry is a variety best suited to areas with long, hot summers and warm winters. these rabbiteye blueberries grow well in warmer zones, from 7 to 9, and they produce big crops of delicious berries. the wild plants have small berries with many seeds, but the powder blue blueberry has large, juicy berries with few seeds..

Though the powderblue blueberry is a rabbiteye and needs another variety of rabbiteye to grow, the planting and growing process couldn't be simpler. we nurture your powderblue so that it has a healthy root system and a head start on growth - something you won't get from your local big box store., powderblue is an excellent hybrid that in many respects is like tifblue. the main difference is its attractive powdery blush. the powder blue blueberry ripens in mid-season, and yields excellent quality fruit. discover our collection of blueberry plants that produce hybrid blueberries at willis orchards!.

Berries are large and light blue, with a soft dusting that resembles powder. these berries hang in clusters and have a wonderfully sweet blueberry flavor. the powderblue blueberry bush is a mid to late season rabbiteye cultivar with an upright growth habit., powder blue blueberries require 550-650 chills hours and reach a mature height of 3 to 6 feet. they pollinate well with brightwell or tifblue blueberries. usda zones: zone 7, zone 8, zone 9..

Grow at least three varieties, as even the ones sold as self-fertile will benefit: perhaps an early blueberry such as 'earliblue' and the late season 'brigitta' along with 'powder blue'.