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Purple-bush-beans, bean,amethyst purple stringless (bush) beautiful flowers and beans 200 seeds !. Purple-podded bush or pole beans may be just the magic you need to convince your children to eat more beans. in the garden, violet pods and pink-purple flowers contrast with green leaves, and bean..., gardeners are now interested in color and visual appeal more than ever. royalty purple pod bush beans, for example, produce a profusion of bright purple pods and leaves on compact bush plants. learn more about this interesting bean plant here.. Purple beans are a common name given to several different varieties of purple fresh picking snap type bush and pole bean plants with names such as royalty purple and royal burgundy., bush. 60 days. a super-productive bush type that yields straight, purple pods. these are held above the foliage -- a great advantage that makes the pods easier to see and harvest, and keeps them from contact with the ground. pick them young, at 4-5 inches, for flavorful, tender snaps..

Harvest and preserving tips. for fresh use, pick pods as soon as well-filled out with peas; for dried bean use, harvest in about 80 days, when the pods start to dry on the plant.