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Purple-smoke-bushes, smoke bush, cotinus coggygria, is a deciduous shrub that's also commonly known as royal purple smoke bush, smokebush, smoke tree, and purple smoke tree. smoke bush is often used as a garden specimen thanks to its beautiful purple-pink smokey plumes and the purple leaves found on some cultivars.. Cotinus coggygria 'royal purple' sku #2814 dramatic, long-lasting, pinkish purple, smoke-like airy seed clusters backed by reddish purple foliage create a prized small tree or large accent shrub. foliage holds its color all summer, then turns scarlet red in autumn., oval, dark purple foliage with red veins and stems. leaf margins are edged with a thin line of red. leaves turn scarlet in autumn. panicles of small, insignificant flowers that give the shrub a smoke-like appearance..

The royal purple smoke bush (cotinus coggygria 'royal purple') gets its name from the tiny flowers that appear in spring and early summer, giving the impression of a cloud of smoke. the leaves of this tree change color throughout the seasons, beginning with a maroon shade that turns almost black by late summer, then crimson in fall., smokebush is a purple-leaved shrub that looks fantastic all growing season long. they'll be a focal point in summer with their unique blooms, and add warmth to other fall colors as the season comes to a close. easy to grow, this deciduous shrub is a must-have for a memorable accent plant in your yard..

History and origins of the royal purple smoke tree the smoketree (cotinus coggygria) is a native bush across a vast area from southern europe to central chin a. it grows in open, rocky places where its smoky heads create a dramatic effect in the wilderness., smokebushes (cotinus spp.) produce green or purple deciduous foliage and feathery flower panicles that give the plant its smoky appearance. it grows as a tree or bush in u.s. department of....

Royal purple is a variety of smoke tree that is known for its drought tolerance and generally low maintenance requirements once established. in fact, it prefers to not be pampered and cared for to the level demanded by many other flowering shrubs and trees. hardy in usda zones 5-9 it can reach a height between 10-15 feet., the smoke tree, or smoke bush (cotinus obovatus), charms with its diffuse flowers that make the plant look like it is smothered in smoke. native to the united states, the smoke tree can grow to 30 feet (9 m.) but often remains half that size. how to propagate a smoke tree?.

Smoke tree is an ornamental shrub to small tree that is grown for the bright purple or yellow leaves and the spring flowers that mature and “puff” out as if they were clouds of smoke. smoke trees tend to have a rangy, splayed growth habit. pruning smoke trees annually will help make the plant more compact and strengthen the limbs.