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Sharpening-bush-hog-blades, there are two methods for sharpening bush hog blades that work equally well. you can use an angle grinder or a bench grinder; pick whichever method you’re more comfortable with. to use an angle grinder, you hold the sharpener in your hands and pass it over the blade, which is clamped in place.. No blade stays sharpen if that is used continuously. same goes with the bush hog blades. as these blades need to do more tough works than the typical blades, that's why they need to be sharpened now and then. bush hog blades not only have to go through the grass but also they get exposed to rocks and stumps which make the blades dull., you only need to sharpen the top side of the blades (which is not shown in this particular video). i have sharpened both the top side and the under side of the blades on this particular rotary ....

I have always built up any nicks etc with a stick welder, and then laid on a couple of beads of hardfacing material, and then used either my 8" or 4 1/2" angle grinder to grind a new cutting edge., just one note -- you don't want a razor sharp edge on a bush hog blade, and this is especially true if you cut saplings and brush. not only will sharp edges not last, a very sharp blade can cut a sapling and create a spike that will go through a tire, or worse, a foot..

At minimum, bush hog blades should be sharpened before your first use of the mower in spring. sharpen the blades more frequently if you notice ragged tips when you cut grass. sharp blades slice through grass easily, but dull blades tear the grass, leaving it open to disease.