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Beach-plum-bush, sku #40547 clusters of small white flowers burst forth in spring, followed by small, purplish blue fruit that ripens in late summer. a united states' native found along the atlantic coast, thriving with near neglect. tolerant of coastal salt spray and saline soils.. Prunus maritima, the beach plum, is a species of plum native to the east coast of the united states, from maine south to maryland., the early bloom set of beach plum is a beneficial food source for native bees and beach plum is a recommended species for the establishment of native pollinator habitat (vaughan et al., 2012). a wide variety of other insects are closely associated with the shrub thickets that beach plum is a major component of on the back dunes..

The beach plum is an excellent conservation and erosion-control plant that can grow in poor soil. it is also grown as an ornamental. until recently, cape cod was famous for its beach plum jelly., beach plums; beach plums (prunus maritima) native to the atlantic coast dunes, these are american plums which grow 6-15' tall. the trees are loaded with fragrant white flowers in june and the late summer fruit is renowned for making jelly and sauces. prized by the early settlers and a treat for the newer ones, too..

Prunus maritima beach plums are native to the northeastern us along the coast. adaptable, we've grown them for years at the nursery. fruits are tart and many, used in jams and jellies., beach plums may be pruned in late winter to early spring. remove crossed, shaded, cracked, and down-pointing branches. diseased branches with  cankers  and  black knot  should be removed. maintain an open canopy to facilitate light penetration and air circulation.. Beach plum is most useful in the secondary stabilization and restoration of coastal sand dunes. on cape cod, ma, efforts are being made to develop and promote the commercial fruit production of this, beach plum trees are similar to most other plum trees, with the significant difference that their fruit is not borne on spurs, but on one-year-old wood. this tree is a lovely addition to any landscaping plan..

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