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Black-elderberry-bush, elderberry (sambucus) is a large bush or shrub that is native to the u.s. and europe. the bush produces bluish-black fruit in bunches that are used in wines, juices, jellies and jams. the berries themselves are quite bitter, so they are rarely eaten by themselves. interested in growing your own elderberries?. Native black elderberry shrubs | sambucus canadensis - american elderberry is a native shrub to the eastern part of north america. this fruiting bush grows zones are 3 to 8. the white lemon scented flower s open in june followed by deep purple fruit during late august to september., sambucus nigra is a species complex of flowering plants in the family adoxaceae native to most of europe and north america. common names include elder, elderberry, black elder, european elder, european elderberry, and european black elderberry..

Black lace ® elderberry is a perfectly stylish addition to your landscape. intense purple black foliage is finely cut like lace, giving it an effect similar to that of japanese maple. indeed, some designers are using it in place of more sensitive plants since black lace is extremely durable and adaptable., elderberries belong to the genus sambucus, which includes a variety of species and cultivars grown as ornamental and fruit-bearing shrubs. the cultivar "black lace" stands out among other varieties....

The elderberry bush (sambucus spp.) is a fruit-bearing, multi-stemmed deciduous shrub native to eastern north america. elderberries grow in u.s. department of agriculture hardiness zones 3 to 11. the plant grows clusters of round, purplish-black berries that are a hit with songbirds., black lace™ is a stunning development in elderberry breeding. intense purple black foliage is finely cut, giving it an effect similar to that of japanese maple. creamy pink flowers in spring contrast nicely with the dark leaves..

The mystery of the elderberry one of the most unknown commodities in the gardening world is the elderberry bush. it's a native plant to north america, but the popularity of the elderberry bush isn't high by any means. still, it's an exciting plant, part of a fantastic genus, and may be one of the most versatile plants gurney's offers.