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Blue-gold-blueberry-bush, chill hours: 800-1000, medium to large sweet berries good for baking. chill hours: 800-1000. compact and perfect for landscaping. medium to large, delicately sweet berries. fall foliage and winter wood are a golden yellow, followed by bright-white blooms in the spring. the sky blue colored berries form large clusters that are easy to pick and are wonderful for baking.. ‘bluegold’ is a highbush blueberry cultivar which typically grows 4-6’ tall. waxy, bell-shaped, white flowers appear in may. flowers are followed by firm, light blue blueberries which ripen in late season (late june to early july). ovate, dark green leaves (to 3.5” long) turn attractive shades of red and purple in fall., bluegold blueberry is a mid-season variety that is highly productive, with superior quality berries for midseason. fruit ripening is concentrated, with harvesting in 1 or 2 picks. the plant grows compact, spreading somewhat, is a great addition to any landscape. the mature height is 4-6', with yellow fall foliage..

What a way to cap off the blueberry season in your edible landscape! 'blue gold' is the perfect last blueberry of summer with its pleasing nickle sized fruit, its firm, sweet yet tart taste and its propensity to fruit in huge quantities as if to give you as much great fruit as you can handle until the next blueberry season!, delicious, exceptionally nutritious, high in bioflavanoids. consider climate suitability, ripening season and fruit size when selecting varieties and include at least two different varieties for cross–pollination and fruiting (any two varieties will do, regardless of ripening time). grow in acidic, well-drained soil. c.

Blueberry 'bluegold' 'bluecrop' is a commercially successful highbush type blueberry producing good sized reliable crops of mid-sized fruit bluecrop resists disease and pests well, making it an ideal garden variety, bluegold blueberries are a mid-season, cold-hardy variety with high production and superior fruit quality. the berries are very firm, flavorful and evenly sized with a small recessed scar. because of its concentrated ripening, bluegold blueberries are economical for hand and mechanical harvest..

Pollinating blueberry bushes. for the best blueberry yield, the bushes should be pollinated thoroughly. if you are worried about natural pollinators, you can help to attract birds, bees and butterflies to the area with birdfeeders, insect feeders or attractive plantings with brightly colored flowers and sweet nectars., blueberry plants. grow blueberry plants and enjoy the luscious fruits of this native american shrub that have been cherished since colonial times. plant at least two different varieties of blueberries for cross pollination to increase yield. mix and match fruit plants save 20% when you buy any combination of 3 or more fruit plants..

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