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Blue-star-bush, blue star juniper is a needled evergreen shrub with silvery-blue, densely-packed foliage. if you take a bird's-eye view of the shrub, you will notice that the clusters of needles atop the tiny stems resemble stars.. Description common bluestar (amsonia tabernaemontana) blooms in mid-spring. growing up to 3 feet tall, it prefers a medium to moist soil, but will tolerate a range of soils in light shade, including clay. long-lived and adaptable, this native of open woodlands and plains ranges from illinois to new jersey and south to texas and florida., blue star plants will bush out and get fairly wide, up to a couple of feet across, but they do not spread or travel very far or become a nuisance. you can divide the plants if you want to make more plants, but it is rarely necessary. blue star plants are virtually problem free. no pests or diseases regularly bother them..

With a name like “blue star,” this juniper sounds as american as apple pie, but in fact it is native to afghanistan, the himalayas and western china. gardeners love blue star for its thick, starry, blue-green foliage and its graceful rounded habit., native to arkansas, amsonia hubrichtii (narrowleaf bluestar) is an erect, clump-forming perennial which provides 3 seasons of interest with its starry blue flowers in spring, its bright green summer foliage and its charming fall color..

Common bluestar is a popular garden perennial with charming blue flowers. this spring blooming beauty is long-lived and adaptable, growing in medium to moist soil, in full to partial sun., sku #3534 clusters of powder-blue star-shaped flowers enhance finely textured bright green foliage. use in sunny mixed borders, woodland gardens or mass plantings. brilliant golden-yellow fall foliage provides an exceptional late season display.. Growing blue star juniper shrubs the blue star juniper is native to several locations around the world. they are most commonly found in the himalaya mountains, northeastern afghanistan and into western yunnan in the southwest of china. the compact dwarf juniper only reaches a height of three feet at maturity and a width of just over three feet., specific epithet is in reference to the scaly brown bark. 'blue star' is a slow-growing cultivar with a low-mounded, hemispherical habit. typically grows to only 1 foot tall after 5 years, but eventually matures over time to 2-3' high. features awl-shaped, silver blue foliage which is attractive year-round..

Attractive sparkling blue foliage on dense, spreading branches. creates a colorful contrast to purple and green foliage plants. use in a rock garden or as a low border plant. ideal for mass plantings in minimal-care landscapes.