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Bush-red-berries, the chokeberry (aronia) is an american shrub that bears edible red berries in autumn suitable for pies, jellies, jams, syrup, wine, tea and soft spreads. juice from chokeberries is high in.... When leaves accompany red berries, their characteristics offer identification tips. glowing red foliage behind large, drooping, scarlet clusters points to american cranberrybush (viburnum opulus var. americana). the undivided, maplelike leaves attach in pairs, opposite to one another, along the stems and live in usda zones 2 through 7., bushes or shrubs with red berries can be a source of much-needed winter garden color. bushes with evergreen leaves to contrast with their red berries make an even more striking display. on many of these plants, the bright fruit arrives early in the fall. if it can escape hungry birds, it often remains through the coldest months..

The small red berries grown on barberry bush are edible but taste sour barberry is a shrub that grows in most parts of the world and has small edible red berries on it. some species of this flowering shrub are deciduous and some are evergreen. this plant with red berries is identified by its long shoots that can grow up to 13 ft. (4 m) high., the cherries are 3/4 inches, bright red and tart. if you’re patient, the cherries will get sweeter and turn a darker red when left on the tree longer. they are typically ripe in august. because of their bigger size they’re excellent for pies, baking, canning, freezing, juice or jelly..

Lemonade bush the common name for lemonade bush (rhus integrifolia) reflects the use of sticky, fuzzy red berries for making a pink-colored sweetened beverage reminiscent of lemonade. white or pink..., noted for its spectacular red berries and excellent foliage color, nandina domestica (heavenly bamboo) is an attractive, small, evergreen or semi-evergreen shrub adding multi-season beauty to the garden. in spring, a profusion of tiny, white flowers adorned with golden anthers appear in long arching panicles at the tips of the branches..

Noted for its heavy crop of red berries, ilex verticillata berry heavy® (winterberry) is a useful shrub with excellent year round interest. this deciduous holly produces abundant small greenish-white flowers in late spring that are followed by a profusion of bright red berries in fall and winter., burning bush is a hard to miss plant, as it gets bright red foliage during the autumn. it also bears reddish-orange berries during autumn. it can grow over 15 feet tall, and so needs to be pruned regularly.