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Bush-with-fragrant-white-flowers, the spruce / madelyn goodnight shrubs with white flowers are great for brightening dark areas of the landscape, and many are known for their fragrant blooms. as a design element, shrubs with white flowers convey a sense of purity. they are often used as the foundation for moon gardens, designed to be enjoyed in the evening.. Choisya 'aztec pearl', commonly called mexican orange blossom, is an evergreen shrub with slender, glossy, dark green leaves and clusters of fragrant, pink-tinged white flowers in late spring., not only does this shrub have a sweet scent, but it also grows beautiful fragrant white flowers in late spring. the buds start red and then change to pink before settling into white. the koreanspice viburnum is best for hardiness zones 4 to 7. to keep it looking great year-round, prune directly after flowering..

Viburnums are tough as nails, and these spring-blooming shrubs offer pretty pinkish-white flowers with a distinctively spicy scent., apple serviceberry (amelanchier x grandiflora "autumn brilliance") produces mildly fragrant white flowers in spring followed by berries that are green, then red, then dark purple when ripe in early.... Korean spice viburnum (viburnum carlesii) is such a fragrant shrub that one of its other common names is "fragrant spicebush." reaching 4 to 6 feet tall, it puts out clusters of sweet-smelling flowers. as a bonus, it is a great shrub for fall color. this bush is suitable for zones 4 to 7., honeysuckle is popular with those who enjoy fragrant plants, and their tubular flowers are sweetly scented with close to 200 species in existence, most are deciduous with only a few being evergreen.