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Bushes-that-like-sun, celebrate spring with the lovely, fragrant flowers of lilac. these shrubs perform best and open the most flowers in full sun. lilacs come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from dwarf types that fit small entry gardens to tall varieties like 'mount baker' and 'pocahontas' (pictured), which reach 10 to 12 feet tall.. Growing sun-loving shrubs with colorful flowers in that sunbaked spot in your yard is one of the best ways to make your landscape pop. while most flowering shrubs prefer sunny locations, the shrubs in this group have been selected for especially vibrant color and with a range of bloom times that help you plan a complete sequence of bloom., the spiraea genus is known for its flowering displays, and the blooms of the gold mound cultivar do not disappoint. but this sun-loving shrub is also known for its leaves. from golden in the spring to chartreuse in the summer and yellows, oranges, and reds in the fall, this shrub's foliage will hold your interest throughout the growing season..

Sun shrubs are a widely varied category including many different plants. from hardy evergreen hedges to bright flowering shrubs or sprawling butterfly bushes, the sun shrubs all have one thing in common—they like sunlight, and plenty of it. brighten up your collection with some of these easy-care, long-lived plants, and your garden will look ..., bushes that like a lot of water & direct sun. bushes add texture and color to landscaping beds while filling voids in otherwise bare locations. like other plants, specific shrubs grow best in ....

Wikimediaimages / pixabay. eleagnus are known to be a hardy plant species, and this “quicksilver” variety is no exception. the matte, silver-green foliage has a loose growing habit with a slightly triangular shape. this is one of the hardiest full sun shrubs available, with a vigorous growth pattern and mountains of small, star-shaped, sweet-scented flowers from early summertime.