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Carolina-allspice-bush, the care of carolina allspice is easy. water carolina allspice shrubs often enough to keep the soil moist. a layer of mulch over the root zone will help the soil hold moisture and reduce watering. the method of pruning a carolina allspice bush depends upon how you use it.. Carolina allspice with its fragrant spring flowers and lustrous leaves that turn yellow in fall, carolina allspice qualifies as an all-star choice for urban, suburban, and native landscapes. site this north american native shrub in a perennial garden or shrub border for multi-seasonal interest., the carolina allspice is a southeastern native shrub that provides fabulous fragrance and structure to the flower garden, while asking little in return. you can expect three seasons of interest, including spring through summer blooms and brilliant golden fall foliage, from the carolina allspice shrub..

Carolina-allspice is a dense, rounded shrub reaching 6 to 9 feet high. it has unusual, strap-like, maroon to reddish-brown flowers with a sweet banana-strawberry fragrance. fruit is a persistent, urn-shape brown seed pod. this plant has some cultivated varieties., carolina allspice, also called sweetshrub and strawberry bush, is native to the united states and easy to grow. this deciduous shrub produces reddish-brown fragrant blooms that have hints of pineapple, strawberry and banana. the flowers give way to urn-shaped fruits which mature in the fall..

Delightful, strawberry-like fragrance to maroon-brown flowers carried at the ends of leafy branchlets. blooms are followed by brownish, pear-shaped capsules that are fragrant when crushed., calycanthus floridus, the carolina sweet bush or carolina allspice, grows as far north as ohio and pennsylvania, and all the way to the deep south of mississippi. those living in oregon, washington and california may be familiar with another related variety, calycanthus occidentalis, or california sweet shrub..

Description calycanthus floridus, commonly called carolina allspice, is a dense, rounded deciduous native shrub with a suckering habit which grows 6-12' tall with an equal or slightly greater spread. it blooms in early spring before leaves emerge, with the leaves, and sporadically thereafter., calycanthus floridus, commonly called carolina allspice, is a dense, rounded deciduous shrub with a suckering habit which grows 6-9' (less frequently to 12') tall with an equal or slightly greater spread. features very fragrant, brown to reddish-brown flowers (2" across) which bloom at the ends of short branchlets in may.. Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about calycanthus species, carolina allspice, eastern sweetshrub, florida spice bush, strawberry shrub (calycanthus floridus) supplied by m...