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Cork-building-material, as a building material, cork is in high demand now. it is used for flooring, rigid insulation, exterior finish, floor underlayment, acoustic wall coverings and countertops. it has air pockets that make it resilient for floors. there is a little give, so your feet, legs and back are not stressed the way they are on concrete or tile.. Suberra is a perfect material for table and counter tops. the closed cell structure of cork makes it anti-bacterial, and its non-porous nature means it will not absorb stains, making it ideal for food preparation surfaces and cutting boards., the process of turning cork bits into blocks of insulation was discovered accidentally by john t. smith at his new york life jacket factory, where a metal cylinder full of cork chips was ....

Alorim has been in the cork biz since 1870, making corks for wine. during the 1973 oil crisis people finally started seriously worrying about insulation in buildings, even in sunny portugal, so ..., cork's elasticity, combined with its near-impermeability, makes it the perfect material for making bottle stoppers, floor tiles, insulation sheets, bulletin boards and other similar products. because of its remarkable qualities, cork is used in high-tech applications including car engines, dam mechanisms and airport runways..

Cork has an unusual combination of properties making it suitable for application in buildings and infrastructures, for example insulation, wear-resistance and durability. the material properties combined with a favourable ecological footprint allow designers, architects and engineers to meet some of the green building demands., cork is becoming an increasingly popular material within the architecture industry. while cork house is the first full-scale building to use the material as structure, several architects have.... Cork has been used as a core material in sandwich composite construction. cork can be used as the friction lining material of an automatic transmission clutch, as designed in certain mopeds. cork can be used instead of wood or aluminium in automotive interiors. cork slabs are sometimes used by orchid growers as a natural mounting material., cork is a common interior floor finish, and has even been used as external rainscreen cladding. the aim of this project was to see whether cork could be used as the primary structure as well, thus creating a ‘solid cork’ building, and eliminating the need for frames, linings, glues, tapes, breather membranes and wet trades..

Albacete, spain–based coating company decoproyec makes projected cork, a spray-finish material composed of fine cork granules and vegetable resin in a water base. when applied to building envelopes, the resulting stucco-like finish is waterproof and well-insulating, yet also breathable and resilient.