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E36-trailing-arm-bushing, the e36/e46 trailing arm bushing tool is a must-have for any diy mechanic who doesn't like to waste time struggling with jobs that should be quick and easy. replacing the rear trailing arm bushings on an e36 or e46 with a normal press can take 3-4 hours, plus all the patience you can dig up.. The e36/e46 trailing arm bushings sit inside of a metal enclosure, or “holster” if you will. connected to the frame by a mere 3 bolts that are easily accessible. just lift the car, take off the wheel, and remove the bolts as i indicated below: yes, the trailing arm will easily drop down., replacing the rear trailing arm bushings on your bmw e36 may help solve a variety of issues, including bad alignment and poor handling. as we have discussed in previous articles, one of the most overlooked maintenance areas in our cars is the suspension. let’s face it, most of us like to have fun and really drive our bmws..

Rear trailing arm bushing (rtab), lemforder - e36, e46, e83, e85, e86, e89 oem sealed ball joint fits in the upper and lower of the back of the trailing arm. replacement for bmw part #33326775551 price: $35.99 80.08, the rear trailing arm bushing is the connection point between the rear trailing arm and the vehicle’s chassis. the rtabs main function is to cushion and soften the movement of the rear suspension while keeping the rear wheels on their correct axis..

In this tech article i will go over the steps involved with replacing rear trailing arm bushings on the bmw e36 3 series. this article is written with all of the bmw e36 models in mind with the exception of the 318ti, which has a different trailing arm design than the other models., this tool set allows for on-car installation and removal of the three rear bushings located on the semi-trailing arm of e36 and e46 bmw 3-series cars: upper control arm bushing lower control arm bushing trailing arm bushing the tool set includes fixtures to service both the new-style and old-style trailing arm bushings..

This article is one in a series that have been released in conjunction with wayne's new book, 101 performance projects for your bmw 3 series. the book contains 272 pages of full color projects detailing everything from performance mods to timing the camshafts., condor speed shop performance parts for the 1991-99 bmw e36. the first modern 3 series, the e36, was the model that paved the way for the 3 series to be named "car of the year" every year since the model was driving off showroom floors..

The trailing arm bushings join the axle and pivot point on the body of the vehicle. they are part of a trailing arm suspension in your vehicle. the front trailing arm consists of a set of bushings attached to a bolt that runs through these bushings to hold the trailing arm to the chassis of the vehicle.