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Flower-bushes-for-shade, these pretty shrubs open flowers in a host of hues, including gold, pink, orange and white. most azaleas prefer partial shade—the filtered, dappled light beneath mature trees is ideal. remove lower limbs on trees to increase the amount of sunlight peeking through. winter hardiness varies by species and variety, but can cover zones 4 to 9.. Laurels are evergreen flowering shrubs for shade that are native to the eastern u.s. the leaves are smooth-edged and glossy, dark green. the large clusters of tea cup-shaped flowers are absolutely stunning (albeit a little sticky). they appear on the plants in late spring and can be purple, pink, white, or bicolored., among deciduous shrubs, japanese rose is one of the most shade-tolerant shrubs available and will do better than survive in shade. this bush flowers in spring and may bloom multiple times in partial shade. the bark is kelly green to greenish-yellow throughout the winter..

White flower farm is a family-owned mail-order nursery located in northwestern connecticut. since 1950 we have been providing a wide range of perennials, annuals, bulbs, shrubs, vines, amaryllis, gardening tools & supplies, and gifts for gardeners., with ruffled leaves and colorful foliage, heuchera, also called coral bells, is a bright perennial addition to any shade garden. grown primarily for its pretty foliage, its mounding habit shoots up small flower spikes in spring to mid-summer. it's an attractive accent plant that will tolerate some sun, though its best color occurs in shade..

As long as the soil conditions are acidic and regular moisture is provided, rhododendrons are the perfect shade loving flowering shrub for the mid-story. they thrive in the dappled shade under trees. rhododendrons need shelter from winds and the sun, and require little or no pruning., oakleaf hydrangea (hydrangea quercifolia) is a woodland native whose flower bracts remain well into winter. plant in part sun to shade, in zones 5-10..

Hellebore (helleborus), also called christmas rose, is one of the earliest bloomers of flowering shade plants. look for its burgundy, pink, cream, green, or white shade flowers in late winter or early spring. although it looks delicate, the christmas rose is quite sturdy once it gets established. and it's deer- and rabbit-resistant., astilbes are long-blooming plume-like flowers held above airy foliage. astilbes are one of the easiest perennial flowers to grow. plumes of flowers in pink, lavender, red, white and salmon rise above fern-like foliage. astilbe is one of the most common perennials for shade, working well in borders or along paths..

Hosta is an obvious choice in picking the best perennials for shade, as long as you can appreciate what foliage plants bring to your landscaping. the list of hosta cultivars that can serve both as specimen plants and groundcovers for shady areas is practically endless. one type of hosta recommended to dress up a shady spot is  halcyon hosta.