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Mexican-bird-of-paradise-bush, unlike the red bird of paradise, the mexican variety has bright yellow flowers with long red stamens. the red bird of paradise has showy red blooms and fern-like foliage. there is also a yellow variety (c. gilliesii), of which is similar looking to c. pulcherrima, only a different color.. Mexican bird of paradise is native to northern mexico. its lush, ferny compound leaves provide a dark green backdrop for the bright yellow flower spikes that appear on the branch tips during the warm season. these flowers are followed by woody pods, which "explode" as they mature, adding a little bit of natural music the outdoor environment., answer:  the mexican bird of paradise plant name is used by homeowners to describe two different but similar plants. they look similar except for the color of the flowers. the one with all yellow....

This exotic bird of paradise is actually quite easy to grow from seed, and won’t mind being grown in containers. its fragrant flowers are a big hummingbird magnet, and it has beautiful ferny foliage. unlike a lot of varieties of caesalpinia, this evergreen shrub does not have any thorns., correctly called mexican bird of paradise, they can easily be shaped as a full dense shrub or screen, or allowed to grow into a small natural canopy tree. the yellow flowers come in waves continuously during the growing season. removing dead flowers will reduce litter from seeds and promote faster re-bloom..

Mexican bird of paradise is also called the pride of barbados because of its origin in the caribbean. it is a spectacular plant for landscapes in usda hardiness zones 9 through 11, and can tolerate the lower temperatures of zone 8.