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Miniature-pomegranate-bush, dwarf pomegranate punica granatum 'nana' sku #6740. this showy, dense, dwarf shrub displays attractive orange-red single flowers at an early age, followed by bright orange-red ornamental fruit. excellent for containers or for use in the garden. a very effective bonsai specimen. thrives in hot, dry summer areas. deciduous.. The small dwarf pomegranate tree grows in u.s. department of agriculture plant hardiness zones 7 through 11. the tree reaches a height and width of 3 feet and produces attractive red flowers and..., the dwarf pomegranate bush, as its name implies, grows three- inch miniature pomegranate fruit. florists greatly favor the dwarf pomegranate tree because of its ease in drying for use in wreaths and as christmas tree ornaments. dwarf pomegranate fruit off tree is delicious for making jelly and jams!.

While most pomegranate trees grow up to 30' tall, this indoor miniature version will only reach 3'! small pomegranate fruits take between 3-4 years to appear, and are preceded by ruffled, fragrant, trumpet-shaped flowers in rich red-orange., like many other varieties of pomegranate bush, it is hardy enough to withstand cold temperatures (down to 40 degrees fahrenheit ideally), so it can be grown in many areas of the country. first discovered in 1803, the punica granatum ‘nana’ has always been a short plant, so it was called ‘dwarf’..

Pomegranate bush is beautiful and low- maintenance a pomegranate bush is what you’ll typically get if you allow a pomegranate seed to grown naturally (no pruning). if you purchase a pomegranate plant that is already potted, it’s likely that you’ll get a bushy plant from that too, unless you take to pruning it., the dwarf pomegranate grows just 2 ft. tall-and can be grown as a house plant, patio plant or in the garden. attracts hummingbirds.