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Nanking-bush-cherry, nanking cherry (prunus tomentosa) is a central asian species of bush cherry tree native to china, japan and the himalayas. they were introduced into the u.s. in 1882 and are winter hardy in usda zones 3 to 6. the nanking cherry is a fast-growing species that sets fruit within two years.. Nanking bush cherry sets fruit its first year early and productive, nanking bears sweetly scented spring flowers that developed in large crops of sweet fruit in july. grow as a wide spreading bush or prune into a small tree., the nanking cherry is native to central asia. it was introduced to the north america in 1882. other common names are manchu cherry, downy cherry, mountain cherry, mongolian cherry, chinese bush cherry and hedge cherry. the word tomentosa indicates the hairy nature of the underside of the leaf of this tree..

Browse pictures and read growth / cultivation information about nanking bush cherry (prunus tomentosa) supplied by member gardeners in the plantfiles database at dave's garden., the nanking cherry is a large shrub and an early spring bloomer! it dazzles in the landscape with first blooming a light pink and then transforming into beautiful white blossoms. develops a lustrous orange or reddish-brown bark that exfoliates in thin strips of vertical curls with age..

Nanking cherry is a fruiting cherry bush that produces edible cherry fruit for both wildlife and human consumption. the fruit of the prunus tomentosa is commonly used in pies and jellies and is a good choice for wildlife plantings and windbreaks., the nanking cherry is a lovely ornamental shrub with fragrant white flowers appearing before the leaves. shiny reddish-brown exfoliating bark and attractive scarlet red fruits adds seasonal interest. use as a hedge or spring specimen in the shrub border.