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Ornamental-cranberry-bush, the american cranberry (viburnum opulus var. americanum) has tart, acid fruit that is best served in jellies, jams, sauces and relishes. the fruit ripens in fall—just in time for the fall and winter holidays. highbush cranberry plants are showy in spring when the flowers bloom against a backdrop of lush, dark green foliage.. Dwarf cranberry bush viburnum viburnum trilobum 'compactum' sku #7612. quick-covering low hedge valued for brilliant display of edible, bright red fall berries. excellent fall color. attractive white lacecap flowers on a compact, upright form. deciduous. light needs. partial to full sun., the cranberry plant that bears this familiar fruit is a northeastern united states native. but there's another cranberry plant that gardeners cultivate in warmer climates as an ornamental shrub.....

Ornamental shrubs provide a welcome landscape feature for foundation plantings, as a transition from dark woodlands or hedges to the perennial beds, or as accent or specimen plantings near pathways or yard lights., the material and content contained in the greenbook label database is for general use information only. agworld and greenbook do not provide any guarantee or assurance that the in. Viburnum, also known as nannyberry or american cranberry bush, grows as a shrub or small tree. native to the eastern united states and hardy through u.s. department of agriculture zone 2, viburnum’s attractions include glossy, dark-green leaves and clusters of white flowers., r/foraging: info on finding, identifying, harvesting and cooking wild edible food..

Richard hentschel extension educator, horticulture: bees> bulbs>, a superb low hedge or groundcover formed by spreading branches that display an interesting herringbone pattern. small, pink flowers in spring are followed by large, beautiful red berries that brighten the winter landscape.