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Osiria-rose-bush, the osiria rose is indeed a beautiful rose in her own right – a very pretty hybrid tea rose with a strong fragrance, and the true bloom coloration is more cherry or fire engine red with a nice white reverse on the petals.. The rose bush is susceptible to the insects aphids, caterpillars, spider mites and leaf hoppers. it is also prone to developing black spot, powdery mildew and rose rust. this is quite a long list of problems that you may encounter and one of the reasons that many rose growers won’t stock it for sale. how to use osiria rose in the garden, ‘osiria’ rose (rosa ‘osiria’) has almost developed a cult following on social media among budding rose gardeners. experienced rose gardeners who are true collectors may want to include ‘osiria’ rose in their collections..

This item 20+ osiria black/white rose bush seeds exotic & beautiful. 120pcs seed rarest white blood rose plant flower seeds flower garden asaka rare true blood rose seed. potato001 50 pcs rare blue pink roses plant seeds balcony garden potted rose flowers seed. bonsai roses. 200pc germany rare purple dragon rose seeds. ..., a better option is to purchase seeds to plant and grow. you can purchase seeds through and through some sellers on while very beautiful, with red petals on the inside and white petals on the outside, gardeners do not consider the osiria rose to be a healthy plant. each bush has few flowers that can be slow to re-blossom..

'osiria' _ 'osiria' is a hybrid tea, or large-flowered bush rose with an upright habit, dark green leaves and, in summer and autumn, fragrant, double flowers with deep red inside the petals and silver-white on the outside of each petal.