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Plum-bush-shrub, the deciduous purple-leaf sand cherry (prunus x cistena), also commonly called the cistena plum, can be said to be a shrub or small tree. it will grow in u.s. department of agriculture plant.... Thickets of wild plum bushes (prunus americana) fill the springtime roadsides and wild places of their native habitats with the scent of their sweet, white flowers. also known as american or august..., proven winners 4.5 in. qt. let's dance rave reblooming hydrangea (macrophylla) live shrub, purple or pink flowers. new brighter blooms 1 qt. flowering phenomenal lavender shrub with purple blooms. southern living plant collection 2.5 qt. jubilation gardenia, live evergreen shrub, white fragrant blooms. southern living plant collection 2.5 qt..

I've been patiently waiting all summer to make a shrub. now, with all this fruit sitting around my kitchen, the time has finally come. i decided on plums as they were bursting with juice, and therefore perfect shrub material., purple leaf sand cherry (prunus x cistena) is a member of the rose family. prunus is latin for ‘plum’ while cistena is the sioux word for ‘baby’ in reference to its smallish size. the “x” is indicative of the shrub’s hybridism.. A familiar sight across the northeast quarter of the u.s in may is the double flowering plum, a cold-hardy shrub that puts on quite a show with its gorgeous double candy-pink flowers blanketing each branch with blooms. it tends toward a round shape, is a robust grower and will withstand wind and cold winters well., q. when is a good time for me to trim back 'plum delight' shrubs? a. the fringy, hot-pink blooms and burgundy foliage of this showy loropetalum have earned it a place in many houston gardens..

An extremely popular plant in northern zones, in both shrub and tree forms. the attractive purple foliage is complimented by white to pale pink blooms in spring. a quick growing, easy to prune choice for multi-season color. very striking contrast for plant companions with blue or yellow hued foliage., oval leaves emerge red and turn purplish-red as they mature. erect stems are sprinkled with small pale pink flowers in mid spring. forms an upright rounded shrub. excellent for color contrast..

The natal plum is a beautiful tropical shrub. like indian hawthorn, it is used frequently in commercial landscapes. its pretty white flowers are star-shaped and fragrant and produce edible red fruit. however, only the fruit is edible; the rest of the plant is toxic.