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Roma-ii-bush-bean, bush beans / roma ii bush bean; bush beans. beans are the mainstay of the kitchen garden: both easy and rewarding. store-bought can't compare with home-grown beans; modest toil and small bean patches yield large returns. bush beans abhor cold, damp soils. wait to sow until soil has reliably warmed to 60°f or by the last frost date.. Bush bean with a distinctive robust flavor. roma ii is a bush form of famous pole romano. its distinctive robust flavor and heavy crop of stringless, flat green pods, 4 1/2" long make it a great choice. cooking hint: blanch, then saute in olive oil with a few sprigs of summer savory., roma ii bush bean produces heavy yields of straight, stingless, bright green, 5-in. pods. upright plants are easy to harvest and don't require staking. a great all-around bean for canning, freezing or eating fresh. its flavor doesn't fade. can be grown as a snap bean or dry bean..

Roma ii green beans are ready for harvest about 2 weeks after bloom. pick when the pods are nearly full size and the seeds are still small. pods at this stage have firm, crispy flesh and are low in fiber content. pods are uniform in shape, adorned in a bright emerald green shade., easy to grow and prolific, roma ii is a wonderful romano bean. large, flat, delcious beans cook up beautifully for a real italian treat. with bush plants that require no support, this is an easy care, fast and prolific bean. minimum of 40 seeds per packet..

Bush bean seeds roma ii is a bush type bean plant that produces high yields of flavorful italian green beans. very slow to produce bean seeds which make it great for eating fresh. you can see the slow development of seeds in the sliced bean picture., 'roma ii' was selected and introduced by rogers brothers seed company in 1978 for disease resistance from a population of 'roma' beans. pvp was originally awarded in 1980 but expired in 1997. each ounce is approximately 70 seeds..

Roma ii bush bean. rating: 98 % of 100. 20 reviews add your review. bush. 55 days. this is an improved romano, bush-type, green bean that produces loads of 6 inch to 7 inch-long pods that are very flavorful. $3.00. availability: in stock. minimum seed count: 40. sku. bn107. qty: add to cart., roma ii bean-description gourmet italian 15-20h upright bush type produces a heavy crop of stringless, flat, fleshy, tender green, 4½l pods with white seeds. captures the robust flavor of the old favorite pole romano bean.