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Small-flowering-bush, compact flowering shrubs like this spirea are great for small yards and low-maintenance landscapes. in addition to all of those perks, small shrubs are generally easier to plant than most larger shrubs, too.. As one of the more popular small shrubs and bushes, the rainbow fizz spirea is a small flowering shrub that produces a beautiful, multicolored display of small flowers streaked with colors of flame, rust, and red wine. it is quite hardy and can survive a rough winter season of snow and ice with ease., dwarf flowering bushes are known for their hardiness in all planting zones, including the coastal climates. consider using dwarf bushes to brighten up shady areas, create rows along walks or....

Viburnums are some of the toughest shrubs out there, and these spring-bloomers have pretty white to pinkish-white blooms with a distinctively spicy scent and attractive reddish fall foliage. they’ll tolerate some shade. plant where you can enjoy the fragrance or as part of a shrub border. why we love it: fragrant white-flowering shrub, please choose a rating. southern living plant collection 2.5 qt. jubilation gardenia, live evergreen shrub, white fragrant blooms. dipladenia flowering annual shrub with red, pink, white and raspberry splash blooms. endless summer 2 gal. the original hydrangea (macrophylla) live deciduous shrub, pink or blue mophead blooms..

Potentilla is one of the most common, and easiest shrubs to grow. it starts blooming in late spring and continues through autumn, bearing cheery yellow, orange, red, or white flowers that look like single roses (which attract butterflies). it has attractively divided foliage., sonic bloom pink weigela (weigela florida ‘bokrasopin’) is a reblooming weigela that delivers a stunning flower show in late spring to early summer, followed by a steady march of blooms until fall frost. the pink flowers are a hummingbird favorite. plant size is 4 to 5 feet tall and wide at maturity. hardy in zones 4-8..

Yes, you do have room for an extra shrub or two—all of our picks for the top 10 shrubs for small spaces are under 5 feet tall! you have a very small backyard, perhaps just a patio, yet you still want to grow shrubs. or maybe you have a good-size yard, but it’s filled to the max. your significant other has even made threats that start with ..., tough comes in a pretty package with english lavender. this mediterranean herb packs perfume into purple blossoms and silvery leaves. english lavender can form a fragrant hedge. in smaller gardens, try a compact variety, like ‘munstead’ or ‘thumbelina leigh.’.

Flowering quince is a thorny shrub with multiple stems that blooms in late winter and early spring before leaves open. species types growing 6 to 10 feet in height, but smaller cultivars are also available, such as the double take series, which grows to only about 4 feet.