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Texas-bush-with-purple-flowers, the vitex aka chaste tree  is a crowd favorite for north texas, and it has one of the longest blooming seasons for flowering trees in texas. beautiful lilac purple blooms that are extremely fragrant, adorn the vitex ‘shoal creek’ tree shown below from may to september.. 'texas purple' has large, pendulous clusters of sweetly fragrant, bluish purple blossoms in spring. the pea-like flowers open sequentially from the base of the flower cluster and are followed by velvety green, bean-like fruits. it is a deciduous, vigorously growing, woody vine that will bloom at an early age., texas designated texas purple sage (leucophyllum frutescens) as the official state native shrub in 2005.  the texas sage desert shrub is sometimes referred to in phoenix, arizona as purple sage. texas sage with red bird of paradise.

The texas lignum-vitae (guajacum angustifolium), also called the guayacan tree, is an evergreen in the creosote-bush family (zygophyllaceae). purple flowers appear from march through may, attracting large numbers of honeybees. the blossoms give way to heart-shaped fruit pods that contain red seeds., best shrubs with purple flowers - the spruce. the flower clusters of common lilac shrubs (syringa vulgaris) are just as beautiful as those of wisteria, and their incredible fragrance may very well put them over the top as the best of the best shrubs with purple flowers. they do come in other colors, but purple lilacs are favored by many gardeners..

Texas sage is a tough native texas plant with purple to lavender blooms spring, summer and fall. it can be used as a hedge or in containers as well as mass plantings. choose a sunny location for best growth and bloom production. plant 3-4 feet apart to allow room to grow and spread., twining, woody vines of great size, long life, and exceptional beauty in flower. so adaptable they can be grown as trees, shrubs, or vines. all have large, bright green leaves divided into many leaflets; spectacular clusters of blue, violet, pinkish, or white blossoms and velvety, pealike pods to ....

Hill country texas master gardeners can't find what you're looking for? if you don't find your answers here, call the kerr county agrilife extension office at 830.257.6568 and ask to speak to a hill country master gardeners volunteer., purple ninebark is a shrub that features white or pink flowers. it can live in climates as cold as zone 2, so it is a great choice for a landscape accent in cold regions. ninebarks will tolerate partial shade, even preferring it in hotter climates as far south as zone 7. it grows 8 to 10 feet tall and wide..

“this plant list is only a recommendation and has no legal effect in the state of texas. it is lawful to sell, distribute, import, or possess a plant on this list unless the texas department of agriculture labels the plant as noxious or invasive on the department's plant list.” texas agriculture code - agric § 71.154.