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Trimming-bushes-and-shrubs, examine your shrub for blooms to determine when you should trim it. for blooming shrubs, trim them in the winter when they're dormant to prevent stunting flower growth. you can trim non-flowering shrubs anytime except late autumn when any new growth the plant has after trimming won't have time to mature before it goes dormant.. Trim your bushes and shrubs when they look overgrown. look for a loss of shape and aesthetic appeal. notice whether the bush seems too tall or too wide. trim when you notice the bush beginning to cut out the sunlight and crowd in on the space of other plants and flowers., trimming bushes and shrubs is a simple task that can be very enjoyable, for those who take pride in the work they perform, so grab some hedge clippers and enjoy the sun shine and trim up those pesky shrubs and bushes. step 1.

The dos and don’ts of pruning shrubs snip your front yard's shrubs into shape with our easy-to-follow pruning tips. by glenda taylor. photo: shrubs play a vital role in ..., now, if you are trimming a flowering bush, you’ll need to first look for any dead on the shrub. if you find dead flowers, cut the shoot back until the dead is removed. if you find an entire section that is dead, then cut it back. just be advised not to cut the main part of the shrub..

Flowering shrubs are trickier because trimming them at the incorrect time can mean a loss of next year's flowers. the rule of thumb is that if the bush blooms in fall or in late summer, you should prune it in early spring before new growth emerges.