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Types-of-barberry-bushes, the three main types of barberry shrub are red-leaved, gold-leaved and green-leaved (evergreen). a number of barberry relatives also make beautiful landscape specimens.. Types of barberry shrubs barberries, especially japanese barberry (berberis thunbergii), are great multi-season interest landscaping plants. yellow flowers appear in spring, green or vividly..., japanese barberry – japanese barberry (berberis thunbergii) is the most popular landscape barberry growing from 3 to 6 feet (1-2 m.) tall. bright green leaves change to orange or reddish in the fall. small berries add winter interest. this plant is extremely invasive in some areas, so research carefully before planting. .... Barberry shrub varieties of barberry shrubs . the barberry shrub was named for it's sharp "barbs" or thorns that it has, along with the berries it produces in the fall. depending on the variety you get, many will have spring flowers that are fragrant. the summer foliage is outstanding and many barberry's will produce berries in the fall as well ..., barberry bushes belong to the scientific group berberis, and there are around 450 different species of these plants, growing naturally in most of the world, except for australia. most of the species are found in south america, africa and asia, but only a handful is typically grown in gardens..

Barberry is a tried-and-true classic throughout the entire growing season with its vibrant foliage. in shades of green, yellow, and rich burgundy, these plants make up for their lack of showy blooms with their constantly colorful foliage. although these tough hedge plants used to be planted frequently, they are more and more being shunned as invasive plants., sep 7, 2015 - different varieties of barberry bushes. see more ideas about barberry bush, shrubs, plants.