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Winter-honeysuckle-bush, the winter honeysuckle bush (lonicera fragrantissima) was introduced from china in the mid-nineteenth century, and its delightfully fragrant flowers soon became a favorite with gardeners and can still find unattended stands thriving at crumbling old homesteads and graveyards. learn more about winter flowering honeysuckle plants in this article.. Winter honeysuckle is a delightful shrub for extending the seasons: its winter flowers bring spring to the garden several months early while, at the other end of the year, its foliage lasts well into winter. it is sometimes evergreen in warm climates.: the winter honeysuckle forms a dense, tangled shrub from 6 to 10 feet in both height and ..., fragrant honeysuckle | winter honeysuckle | lonicera fragrantissima - this beautiful flowering shrub is one of the most fragrant flowering bushes blooming in late winter to early spring. the creamy white flowers that pop out all over the branches are sure to delight the senses with their clean fragrant scent. also known as fragrant winter honeysuckle, this early bloomer makes.

Neutral: on may 28, 2013, joann1947 from raleigh, nc wrote: i really love the winter honeysuckle shrub. there was one outside my bedroom window all the years i was growing up. when i found them at a local nursery several years ago, i purchased one for my garden and one for my sister., winter honeysuckle is an attractive shrub with early-flowering fragrant flowers. however, under the illinois exotic weed act, it cannot be sold in illinois. it is also considered invasive in many areas. the information provided here is more for identification purposes rather than a guide to plant selection. this plant is not recommended..

Noteworthy characteristics. lonicera fragrantissima, commonly called winter honeysuckle or fragrant honeysuckle, is a somewhat stiff-branched, deciduous shrub with a bushy, spreading habit.typically grows 6-10' tall and as wide. extremely fragrant (lemony), short-tubed, creamy white flowers appear in early spring before the leaves emerge., winter care for honeysuckle varieties. honeysuckle plants (lonicera spp.) are twining vines and viney bushes that readily climb buildings, fences, trellises and even trees and other plants. their ...